In the world of USports, the birth of a new athletic program is always a significant event. The University of Lethbridge is no exception, and this year, they introduced their Pronghorns Wrestling Program, marking the beginning of a journey that promises to be nothing short of electrifying. As the inaugural season unfolds, the excitement and dedication among coaches, athletes, and supporters are palpable, all captured by the program’s founding ideals.

“The way the team got started is actually a long, nuanced situation,” Coach Daye-Finley shared, reflecting on the program’s inception. “We are volunteers starting the program from scratch at a university unfamiliar with the sport of wrestling. Our timing for a University wrestling program startup was not necessarily positive. Many sporting programs were falling off, and that motivated us to invest in our local post-secondary establishment some years ago.”

The University of Lethbridge’s foray into wrestling may have appeared unconventional at first, but it was fueled by passion and a profound desire to create something special for the community. Wrestling wasn’t entirely foreign to Lethbridge, thanks to a dedicated group of alumni and parents who had nurtured youth wrestlers for years.

“We are blessed with a school program here that is entirely run by passionate alumni who are now parents of youth wrestlers. They care, and they aim to grow it into what their coach, the late Brian Donaldson, dreamed about, which is this new door we’ve opened,” Coach Daye-Finley emphasized.

Coach Daye-Finley, whose daily job allowed him to forge a close relationship with the University, became the motivation for this wrestling innovation. His vision, combined with unwavering support, led to the formation of the Pronghorns Wrestling Program. This endeavor began not with a roster of athletes eager to represent their school, but with the construction of a solid administrative foundation.

“We started by building the administration of the program; we started a society in its name and got our ducks in a row. We knew the athletes existed, and we knew they would come if we built it… We were right!” Coach Daye-Finley affirmed.

In its debut season, the Pronghorns Wrestling Program is indeed starting modestly, but there’s an undeniable buzz of excitement coursing through Lethbridge. Ryder Lowry, one of the team’s promising athletes, echoed this sentiment: “The energy and hype surrounding the start of this particular wrestling season is absolutely electric. With it being the inaugural year of the Pronghorns wrestling team, you would expect some nerves, but that cannot be farther from the truth.”

As the Pronghorns Wrestling Program embarks on this new journey, it’s clear that they are driven by more than just ambition. They are fueled by a deep love for the sport and a desire to build something remarkable for their university and community.

“We have been astounded by the buzz created in Lethbridge around wrestling and aim to ride this wave of excitement into the season,” Coach Daye-Finley emphasized, outlining their aspirations to make a significant impact on the wrestling scene.

The addition of the University of Lethbridge’s Pronghorns Wrestling program marks a significant step in the right direction for CanWest and USports. This program is not only raising the profile of wrestling within the university community but is also poised to become a formidable contender on the national stage. 

With an inspirational backstory, passionate leadership, and a burgeoning group of talented athletes, the University of Lethbridge’s Pronghorns Wrestling Program is set to make waves, proving that sometimes, dreams do come true in the world of sports.