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Coaches Code of Conduct

The athlete/coach relationship is a privileged one. Coaches play a critical role in the personal as well as athletic development of their athletes. They must understand and respect the inherent power imbalance that exists in this relationship and must be extremely careful not to abuse it. Coaches must also recognize that they are conduits
through which the values and goals of a sport organization are channelled.

Thus, how an athlete regards his/her sport is often dependent on the behavior of the coach. The following Coaches Code of Conduct has been developed to aid coaches in achieving a level of behaviour which will allow them to assist their athletes in becoming well-rounded,
self-confident and productive citizens.

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Coaches Rep - Contact & Assistance

Please reach out to Don Goring at 

Concussion Safety & Protocol

From Wrestling Canada Lutte

Concussion Protocol

Suggested Training: 

  • NCCP Making Head Way Concussion eLearning– Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, this NCCP Professional Development module will make you concussion smart! Choose the Sport (Generic) module. You should expect to spend 60-90 minutes completing the module.

Additional Resources:

Long Term Athlete Development

LTAD is a new wave in athlete development, based on the integration of sport science research with experience in working with athletes and coaches to develop a comprehensive set of development principles that considers the holistic development of the individual as well as his/her development as an athlete.

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NCCP Training


For coaches looking to develop their skills or to gain the certification required to attend specific events, there are coaching clinics that are taking place in Alberta every year.

If additional information is needed and not found on this page, please review the Wrestling Canada Lutte NCCP Operations Manual.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wrestling Canada Lutte has begun offering online sport-specific training and certification in the Introduction to Competition and Competition-Development streams. To receive information on sport-specific Introduction to Competition Part A/Part B and Competition-Development training and/or evaluation, please contact us.

If you have specific questions regarding the WCL NCCP training program, you can contact Anthony Bhagwandin at 

Technique Videos

Please click here for takedown and ground technique videos.

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