In the heart of Alberta, wrestling enthusiasts and budding athletes have reason to cheer as three brand-new wrestling clubs are making their debut in the province. These clubs aim to provide opportunities, foster growth, and promote the sport of wrestling among the local community. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting additions to Alberta’s wrestling scene.


Northern Vikings Wrestling Club in Edmonton, Alberta: Kevin Lomas Takes the Lead

Kevin Lomas, a passionate wrestling advocate, spearheads the Northern Vikings Wrestling Club in Edmonton. When asked about his feelings going into a new season as a new club, Lomas expressed his optimism, seeing this as an excellent opportunity to get more athletes on the mat.

“The Northern Vikings Wrestling Club was started to allow more brand-new athletes the chance to experience a club situation with more exposure to Alberta Wrestling,” Lomas explained. His vision is clear: to provide a nurturing environment for athletes to grow and develop their wrestling skills.

Lomas acknowledges that challenges are an inevitable part of the process. However, he believes that repetition and hard work are the keys to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

“Our goal for this season is improved performance in each tournament. Winning means nothing to me, so there is no pressure on the athletes. If they perform better with each match, they will genuinely enjoy the sport,” Lomas noted.

His coaching philosophy centers on focusing on biomechanics and performance, urging his athletes to understand why techniques work, rather than blindly copying them. Furthermore, he encourages unity and collaboration, emphasizing the need for all wrestling clubs to work together to elevate the sport in Alberta.


Medicine Hat Wrestling Club: Dallin Kay’s Dream Comes to Life

In Medicine Hat, Dallin Kay is at the helm of the newly established Medicine Hat Wrestling Club. Kay, a former wrestler himself, brings his passion for the sport to this exciting endeavour.

The club’s mission is crystal clear: to create positive recreational and athletic experiences for the community while equipping dedicated wrestlers with the tools and coaching they need to chase their dreams and succeed.

Dallin Kay’s personal journey in wrestling has shaped his coaching philosophy. He believes that wrestling not only prepares kids to compete but also prepares them for the challenges of life.

“My coaching philosophy is that wrestling doesn’t just prepare kids to compete; it prepares them for the challenges of life. And anyone brave enough to step out on the mat and put in the work can be successful,” Kay emphasized.

Kay’s dedication to coaching and his athletes is driven by the desire to instill qualities such as hard work, resilience, and an unyielding never-quit attitude. He is thankful for the overwhelming support from the community, parents, and the administration in Medicine Hat.


Fort McMurray Wrestling Club: Ryland Coventry’s Optimism

In Fort McMurray, the newly founded Fort McMurray Wrestling Club is making its presence felt. Ryland Coventry, along with Hilary Leith, is leading the charge to provide opportunities for Junior High and High School-aged kids in the area.

Like the other clubs, Coventry is also optimistic about the new season and is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. He recognizes that competing against seasoned athletes will be a hurdle but is determined to prepare the kids to the best of their abilities.

Coventry started this club out of necessity, as there was no wrestling club in town. He acknowledges the importance of teamwork, with Hilary Leith volunteering to assist in coaching and running practices when he’s unavailable.

The goal for this season is to have the athletes qualify for the Arctic Winter Games and compete at the Alberta Winter Games. Coventry’s primary coaching philosophy is simple but powerful: “Hard work beats skill every time.” He believes that hard work is the key to success, and he’s committed to instilling this mindset in his athletes.


All three of these new wrestling clubs share a common passion for the sport, a desire to provide opportunities to young athletes, and a commitment to fostering growth and development. As they embark on their inaugural seasons, they are ready to make their mark on Alberta’s wrestling landscape, one match at a time. Their dedication to the sport and their athletes is sure to leave a lasting impact on the wrestling community in Alberta.