AAWA Guidelines for Stage 2 Re-Opening – June 15, 2021 (click here)


Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association Guidance on Stage 2 Training (June 15, 2021)

DISCLAIMER: There is still a risk of COVID-19 transmission. Participation in any wrestling-related

activities is completely optional. AAWA insurance has excluded COVID-19 from our coverage so all

training is at the risk of the individual participant and/or their parents or legal guardians. Any

participant that has close contact with individuals at a high risk of infection must know the risks

involved and may choose to not participate at this current time

Testing Information can be found at the following link:


These guidelines may change at any time for any reason including, but not limited to, the

recommendations and/or mandates of the Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association, Government of

Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Any changes will be communicated as soon as possible to all

members. There remains the possibility that an increase in COVID-19 cases may result in the

immediate suspension of all training activities at any time.


Wrestling Training Under Stage 2

All athletes will be allowed to participate in training and competitive activities under Stage 2.

Alberta Wrestling will only sanction activities that meet the following conditions:

  • The participating club and all participating athletes, coaches, trainers are registered AAWA members for the 2021 calendar year. To receive information on 2021 registration, please email aawaprogramdirector@gmail.com
  • Clubs should ask all attendees, including participants, parents, instructors and chaperones to screen themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist (click here) before attending the facility or activity
  • The club must have detailed plans for a rapid response if an attendee becomes symptomatic while the activity is taking place. Details of this plan can be found at this link
  • An accurate attendance of all participants must be taken and kept for every training/competitive activity by the host club
  • All indoor and outdoor sport and recreation activities are permitted province-wide including:
    • Group Practices and Training
    • Games, Competition & League Play
  • Physical distancing is not required by active participants during game play or sports practice, but is required outside of play/practice
  • Coaches and trainers must remain physically distanced from participants, unless close contact is required for instruction
    • These situations should be limited as much as possible
    • When these situations occur, the coach must be wearing a mask and sanitize their hands before and after the interaction
  • Masks are not required for participants engaged in indoor high intensity play or practice, but are required outside of play/practice, within change rooms, during low intensity activities and all participants not partaking in high intensity activities must remained masked at all times
  • For Albertans 12 years and older, there are no limits on the number of persons participating in the activity
  • For Albertans 11 years and younger, cohorts are strongly recommended:
    • Cohorts should be no more than 50 children
    • Staff and coaches are not included in the cohort size
    • Members of the cohort are not required to physically distance during the activity
    • Children should only participate in one cohort at a time
    • Parents should wait 7 days following the end of one cohort before their child joins a different cohort
  • Parents in any indoor venue must be masked and distanced a minimum of 2 metres
  • Audiences must be limited to 1/3 of normal seating capacity for indoor settings (fixed seating only)
  • No indoor non-seated audiences are allowed


Cleaning & Hygiene Requirements

• All surfaces and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after practice/competition

• Any surface that participants may come in contact with must be cleaned and disinfected (ex. wall mats)

• Remove any mats or equipment that is torn or in disrepair, as these items cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected

• All participants are encouraged to exhibit good respiratory etiquette (no spitting, clearing of nasal passages, coughing or sneezing away from others into a tissue)

• Participants should not share water bottles, towels, etc.

• Hand sanitizer must be made available at every training session

Stage 2 of the Alberta Re-Opening Plan will remain in effect until further notice