Looking ahead to the 2021/2022 season, we are happy to announce that both the Cadet/Junior/Senior WCL World Team Trials and the U17/U19 National Championships will be hosted in Alberta in the spring of 2022! We look forward to welcoming the rest of Canada to the province and back on the mat competing for a national title.

2022 Cadet/Junior/Senior World Team Trials – Edmonton, AB – March 10-13, 2022
2022 U17/U19 National Championships – Calgary, AB – March 25-27, 2022

Due to the conflict created between the Cadet/Junior/Senior World Team Trials and the ASAA Championships, the ASAA has approved the following dates for their championship events:

2022 ASAA Rural Championships – Slave Lake, AB – February 18-19, 2022
2022 ASAA Championships – Calgary, AB – March 4-5, 2022